Sunday, September 20, 2009

Martha Pullen Sewing Celebration in Columbia, SC

My friend and I spent lovely 4 days at a Martha Pullen Sewing Celebration in early September in Columbia, SC!! Great teachers, lovely projects, brand new BabyLock sewing machines and sergers for us to use, good (and plenty of) food, and lots of new friendships made!!!

We made (some of which were completed at home) total of 7 projects:

* Sweetheart Envelope Pillow (sewing machine)

* Heirloom Nightgown (sewing machine)

* Garment Bag (serger)
* Zippered What Not Bag (serger)

* Notions Caddy by Serger and pincushion (serger)

* Knit Baby Daygown (serger)
* Knit Pillowcase or Drawstring Bag (serger)

Serger Quilt

I saw the directions for this serger quilt in the BabyLock website and decided to make one for myself. So quick!! Pieced and quilted at the same time! The ruffles have wave rolled hem and the entire quilt has a wave edge.