Monday, March 16, 2009

Baby Boy's Christening Gown

Just needed to sew some heirloom things this spring, and I had this wonderful book from Martha Pullen that had instructions for several christening gowns. This one is for a boy, where the skirt is removable of the bubble. Both the top and skirt has shaped bias and embroidered crosses. Fabric is cotton batiste.

Christening Pillow

This christening pillow is made of swiss Nelona cotton batiste and cotton lace. In the center is a lace shaped heart and embroided cross from Martha Pullen's IEC designs. This pillow was featured in Martha Pullen's newsletter in spring '08. Later on the spring I sold it...

Baby Jackets x3

I had an assembly line going... made three little baby jackets of cotton and flanel.

Baby bottle warmers

I made these baby bottle warmers for the twin girls before they had names, and were still called 'A and B'.

Twin baby bonnets

My niece had twin babies, and I made them these bonnets of white cotton batiste, pink flanel and white cotton lace. The instructions and embroidery designs are from Martha Pullen. The card in the background is also embroidered....

Bobbin Lace Rose

I took a bobbin lace class during the winter '07-'08. This rose was one of the projects I made during the class.

Serger Bonnet

This baby bonnet is made entirely by a serger using instructions from the BabyLock website. The main part is bridal tulle, which is stitched using a chain stitch. The ruffle and lace are cotton batiste and attached to the main part with entredeux in the middle.
The table cloth below the bonnett is a linen fabric with heirloom stitches done by sewing machine.

Various pillows

I seem to make pillows all the time... I quess they are just nice small projects to try new techniques. This picture has couple crazy patch pillows and the one on top is made of silk dupioni, free-motion machine quilted and a lot of beads added by hand.

Easter Tablerunner

I made this tablerunner in spring 2008. The appliqued tulips are from Martha Pullen Heirloom Quilts book. All materials are linen.

Martha Pullen Heirloom Projects 10

"Classic Heirloom Quilt"
Each block of this cotton batiste quilt has a different heirloom sewing technique by machine:
- puffing
- cathedral windows
- shadow gimpwork
- pintucks
- lace shaping
- shark teeth
- madeira applique window
- crazy patch
- normandy lace
+ machine embroidery in each block

Martha Pullen Heirloom Projects 9

"Lovely Lingerie Bag by Serger"
This heirloom project is done all but one seam by serger! Cotton batiste with cotton lace and beading.

Martha Pullen Heirloom Projects 8

"Celtic Lace and Bias Table Runner"
Made of handkerchief linen with cotton lace and embroidery.

Martha Pullen Heirloom Projects 7

"Australian Windowpane Silk Dupioni Pillow"
This little pillow is has an embroidered silk organdy Madeira applique center and silk organdy with cotton lace ruffle.

Martha Pullen Heirloom Projects 6

"Bernina Tea Towel"
Made of linen with lace in cathedral windows, gimpwork and embroidery.

Martha Pullen Heirloom Projects 5

"Silk Ribbon by Machine Floral Arrangement"
This project was done totally by a sewing machine - a lot faster than doing silk ribbon by hand. The background is white silk dupioni.

Martha Pullen Heirloom Projects 4

"The Silk Dupioni & Organdy 18" Doll Dress"
The dress has two aprons, one is made of silk and the other of organdy with silk bias.

Martha Pullen Heirloom Projects 3

"Diamonds, Scrolls, and Scallops Blouse"
This ladies blouse is made of handkerchief linen with cotton lace and machine embroidery.

Martha Pullen Heirloom Projects 2

"Hearts of Love Christening Gown"
I have made three of these, 1st one I gave to my niece for her baby's christening, 2nd one I sold and the 3rd one is my sample for teaching.

Martha Pullen Heirloom Projects 1

This was the first project done during the licensing class. We called this The $3000 Baby Bonnet", since this was the only "project most of us in the class completed totally, and the week long class costed ~$3k; rest of the projects were in different stages of process, which I finished after the class.

Martha Pullen Licensing 2006

I took a Martha Pullen Heirloom Bernina Teacher licensing class in March 2006 - it was a 'week in heaven'! One week of just sewing, eating, great teachers and great company! The picture here contains some of the projects I did or started during the class. Some of the projects in the picture are other heirloom sewing items I made later on.